Stories from the streets

Our service users are a determined bunch of people facing challenging times. Read about their stories and see how, even in the most difficult of circumstances, they are striving to improve their situation.

March 13, 2017

M’s story

‘This is first time for 18 months that I’ve been able to sleep with both eyes shut.’ After his relationship broke down, ‘M’ slept rough for about eighteen months before coming in to the 999 Club. ‘I know why I ended up becoming ...

January 16, 2017

Art group trip to Tate Modern

With Stories from the Streets we look at the reasons people become homeless, and share what we’ve done to help them find accommodation. That journey can often be a long one. Along the way, Learning & Activities at the 999 Club help ...

A bowl of minestrone soup
December 7, 2016

Food for the Soul

A college cooking course has raised the ambitions of one of our former Night Shelter residents. Raymond slept in the 999 Club Night Shelter last year, and for him, the shelter was the first step away from homelessness. He now has his ...

July 30, 2016

Strained family relationships

Ayewa had lived with her mother in Ghana, their relationship was strained, and she was told to leave the family home. Ayewa had a residency permit to live in the UK. She came to join her Father in September 2012. She finished her ...

May 9, 2016


In 2010, I separated from my partner and lost my job as a security guard. I became homeless. I was sleeping behind Poundland in Woolwich, in the car park. I moved away from London, staying with a friend in Birmingham. I stayed in ...

March 14, 2016

Jean’s story

I had been homeless since the beginning of 2015 year and am now staying in a hostel. The 999 Club means everything to me. If it wasn’t here I wouldn’t have anywhere to go during the day, especially when it’s cold. I stayed in their ...

March 14, 2016

Stewart’s story

About 2 years ago I was living in Forest Hill working for Thames Water. I had been living and working there for over 10 years. My landlord (who I knew really well, I even worked with his son) got ill and ended up in hospital; he ...

January 29, 2016

Edward’s story

I was known by Social Services by the time I was 3 months old. It took until I was 7 to get adopted. It was hard for my parents, and as soon as I was 18, they kicked me out. With foster children when you turn 18 the government steps in ...

January 18, 2016

Sam, Suzie and Rover

I have been homeless on and off since I was 13 — I am from a very, very violent home. Now I’ve been sleeping on the streets or squatting for about 22 years. I slept in Piccadilly Circus, but made sure my wife Suzie never slept on the ...

October 1, 2015

David’s story

I have been homeless for 6 years. Before this I was living in Scunthorpe, but when the person living below me died, drug addicts pinched all the copper piping and so I couldn’t get any water. I was moved to a small village, but ...

Image of Mercedes
September 20, 2015

Mercedes’ story

I was evicted in October 2014 because the owner sold the place I was living in. I couldn’t find a new place that would accept Housing Benefit and then I was given temporary accommodation for two months. I ended up out on the ...