Health & Well-being

We work with a number of partners to improve the health and well-being of the people who visit our centre. Specialist workers help people get the right support to improve their physical and mental health and address drug or alcohol issues. Our partners include:

  • The Three Boroughs nursing team
  • The Start Community mental health team
  • The NHS Podiatry service
  • Bench Outreach
  • CRI Drugs and Outreach
  • The Samaritans
  • The Waldron Health Centre
  • UCL Mobile X-Ray Unit
  • Sight Centre Opticians

Andrew’s journey back to health

Andrew was homeless from 2003-2008 with high blood pressure and type II diabetes. He saw the nurse at the 999 Club to get his blood pressure and sugar levels regularly checked. Andrew saw the nurse at least once a week and now his levels are normal. He says that the nurse was very helpful. Andrew is now looking after his health by staying away from white sugar, white flour, tea and coffee. He drinks a lot of water and sees the nurse occasionally just to make sure he is alright.

The drama group in action

One of our service users has a check up with the nurse.

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From April to September 2016 …

53 people attended clinics held in our centre, run by visiting agencies

91 took part in cultural and physical activities to improve health, self esteem and self expression

3 people registered with a doctor

3 people entered detox